God is still the source of truth, but the subtle lies of society are so pervasive, we may feel the need to disinfect our children each time they come home from another "exposure". How can we help them build the rock-solid foundation they'll need to make sound, God-honoring decisions, not just now but throughout their lives?  

Chasing Adulthood offers lifelong benefits for your tween:

*Knowing biblical truth

*Discerning God's call on his or her life

*Becoming a dynamic adult, spouse, parent, and witness for Christ

*Adopting a lifestyle of godly mentoring

It's not too late to prepare your child for adulthood with intentionality and purpose.

Chasing Adulthood will equip your tween with courage and strength of character!

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Building Spiritual Muscles

With a unique approach to application and family community, this Fruit of the Spirit study includes a short daily devotional, scripture study, and application activity. Nine-day or nine-week study options available based on ages of your children.

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