The Book

When daughter Hannah was about to enter elementary school, Teri and Steve decided to homeschool as it provided the ability to teach their kids at their own pace. They also desired to give them a broad knowledge base of learning as their children were ready to receive it. When Hannah entered her teen years, they looked for a thorough character trait study that would not only provide excellent Bible knowledge but a personal, practical application that would set her, and their other children, on the road to a lifetime of godly character. Not pleased with the available options, Teri decided to create her own curriculum which became their Bible class for that year. Two years later when their oldest son, Mitchell, was getting ready to launch into his teens, they did the same for him, tweaking the program to suit his needs and personality. Now, with one graduated and married and the other almost through college, both kids speak highly of the knowledge they gained through the intensive study and recall with fondness the lessons they learned. 

In April 2020, when Covid hit the world, Teri decided now was the time to put pen to paper and get her curriculum into book form. It has been an arduous journey, but she is so grateful to have completed this God-sized project. Teri and Steve’s youngest son, Alex, has begun to walk through the Chasing Adulthood study. With some learning challenges, moderate ADHD, and anxiety, the program looks differently for him. It was important to Teri, as she wrote these materials, to consider families with children with alternative learning needs. The curriculum needed to be just as effective and impactful, yet not overwhelming to these children. A separate section after each chapter is dedicated to these unique families.

Teri has a deep desire to see families raise godly children who not only know and understand the Bible, but live it out in their everyday lives, seeking Christ above all things. Equipping parents to do just that is her passion and joy.


Teri was born to missionary parents in Zimbabwe Africa. She moved around a great deal as a child so came to an early understanding of the importance of a solid family unit. She was both homeschooled and traditionally schooled so can speak to the benefits and challenges of both. Teri's father was killed in a motorcycle accident when she was a young child. Growing up without a dad made her relationship with Jesus very important to her. She experienced His faithfulness in her life in tangible ways and felt the closeness of "Abba Father". She met her husband Steve while in high school, and together they attended Prairie Bible college, in Alberta. She graduated with a Bachelor of Religious Education and a double minor in Music and Missions. Their desire was to serve overseas but the Lord has kept those doors closed, for now. Teri has served in various capacities in her home churches, which include worship teams, children's ministry, women's ministry leadership, Bible study, mentoring and event planning, She has also administrated a homeschool group.


Teri and her husband Steve have three children and live in Lakewood, Colorado. She enjoys writing, reading, caring for her flowerpots, meeting friends for coffee, participating in Bible study and leading worship at her church. Shortly after she and Steve were married, they moved to the Bay Area of Northern California where they lived for twenty-five years and raised their family. The Lord clearly called them to Colorado in 2019 and they have never looked back! They consider this home and feel very blessed to live a much more stress-free life. They appreciate the wide-open spaces, beautiful mountains, and their caring and connected neighborhood. Daughter Hannah is married and lives in Arizona with her husband, teaching fourth grade. Son Mitchell is entering senior year at Grand Canyon University seeking a psychology profession. Alex, 15, is entering high school and enjoys sports, video games and cars. Teri and Steve feel very blessed that all three children have made individual and personal commitments to follow Jesus.